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A telecom professional turned Astrologer having experience of reading more than 5000 charts in last 5 years. We are using differnet techniques to predict through the knowledge of the ancient books of the sages like, BHPS, Jaimini Sutram,  Narad Samhita, Brighu Samhita, Phaldipika and more. We create our own permutations & combinations to predict with maximum possible accuracy.

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You can find your answers of love, finance, education, travel etc using astrology studies and predictions

Dasha of Planets

Time period of a particular planet in a person’s life is known as Dasha. Everyone in this life is going through a dasha of one or another planet at any given point of time. All the events .i.e. good or challenging, in an individual’s life will be seen from the Dasha of Planets only.

Wealth Horoscope

There are some special techniques to predict Wealth in an inividual’s horoscope. There are some special Wealth Charts known as Indu Lagan, Arudha Lagan etc which can easily predict what nature of work/profile will create wealth for an individual.

Transit of Planets

Movement of planets from one Zodical Sign to another and one Constellation to another is known as Transit. Transit of planets is the trigger of any result which is given there in the Mahadasha. Transits can tell you the timings of the events but it cannot overwrite the results of the dasha.

Divisional Charts

Divisional charts are the individual charts to predict on a particular factor like Wealth, Siblings, Happiness, Property, Vechiles, Progeny, Marriage, Career, Moksha, Prosperity etc.

Sudershan Chakra Technique

Sudershan Chakra techinique is a three dimensional chart reading which can predict Year wise, Month wise and day wise events in an individual’s life.


I have deep experiences in different fields of horoscope readings 

My Reading Skills

Dasha of Planets
Transit of Planets
Divisional Charts

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All the predictions are based on Astrological calculations. This is also based on spiritual Knowledge that can only be realised subconsciously. I retain the rights to refuse reading  to whomsoever I like for any reason. Also we do not provide any medical advice so please consult your doctor regarding any health and medical issues. 

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