How to Analyse Results of the Antardasha in any Mahadasha?

Antardasha is the extended period of Mahadasha which is divided into smaller parts. It also runs as per the Nakshatra cycle starting from the Mahadasha lord. E.g. 1st Antardasha in Jupiter Mahadasha would be of Jupiter only followed by Saturn, Mercury, Ketu and so on.

80% Antardasha effects will be on the basis of placement of Antardasha lord and 20% results on the basis of the house ownership.

How to analyse effects of the Antardasha?

  • Check the placement of the Antardasha lord from Mahadasha lord and Ascendant.
  • Placement in Kendra .i.e. same house will bring prosperity, Name and Fame. (It should be a good house).
  • 2nd & 11th placement will give financial gains. (2nd will bring both incoming and outgoing of gains).
  • 3rd placement will bring hard work followed by Gains.
  • 4th will bring prosperity and happiness except Ketu as Antardasha lord.
  • 5th/ 9th placement will bring spiritual contentment along with comforts.
  • 6/8/12 placement is unfavourable as 6th will give health troubles, 8th will bring sorrows, transformation & death like experiences and 12th will bring frustration, dissatisfaction and expenses.
  • 10th placement is very much favourable for career and professional growth.


  • Check the Nakshatra of the Antardasha lord from the Mahadasha lord. Below are the results for the placement of Antardasha lord’s Nakshatra from the Mahadasha lord’s Nakshatra: –
    1. जनम  Results will be based on the deeds and the hard work.
    2. सम्पत  This placement will give wealth and Gains.
    3. विपत   Not favourable as this gives obstacles and results only after struggle.
    4. क्षेम  Favourable as this gives happiness, prosperity and betterment in life.
    5. प्रत्यरि  Not favourable as unnecessary enmity will erupt in life.
    6. साधक  Favourable as this will accomplish the pending goals in life.
    7. वध  Not favourable as this will end the existing things/work in life.
    8. मित्र  Favourable as this is 2nd best placement to achieve heights
    9. अतिमित्र  Most Favourable as this is the best placement to get the success.

Note:- 9 is Remainder 0

Calculation to find the Antardasha Nakshatra as follows: –

Suppose Jupiter is in Revati Nakshatra .i.e. 27th Nakshatra and Antardasha lord is Mercury in Ashwini Nakshatra. This means Ashwini is 2nd Nakshatra from Revati. So the result would be 2 .i.e. सम्पत

Let us take another example; Jupiter is in Revati Nakshatra .i.e. 27th Nakshatra and Antardasha lord Ketu is in Hasta Nakshatra. This means Hasta is 14th Nakshatra so we need to divide it by 9 and remainder will be 5 .i.e. प्रत्यरि

  • Mutual Relationship between MD lord & AD lord

What if Mahadasha Lord and Antardasha lord are friends to each other? They will expedite the results basis on the ownerships. Results can be both negative and positive.

What if Mahadasha Lord and Antardasha lord is Inimical to each other?

Let us take example of 8th lord’s Mahadasha and lagan lord’s Antardasha. Results will vary on the below given 3 points:-

  • They are connected in the horoscope: – Let us take an example of Taurus Lagan. In Mahadasha of Jupiter .i.e. 8th Lord (Revati) and Antardasha of Venus .i.e. LL (Uttarbhadrapada). They are connected in the 11th house and also they are inimical to each other. Let us see the results of the Antardasha.
    • They are placed in Kendra to each other.
    • Venus is placed in 11th house from Ascendant.
    • Venus is placed in अतिमित्र Nakshatra from Dasha lord
    • Venus will give results of 11th house in Antardasha
    • Venus Shadbala is 140% and is exalted where as Jupiter’s Shadbala is 107% and is placed in his own Normal Sign.
    • Venus is at 16 Degree whereas Jupiter is as 20 Degree

So in the case where Inimical ML & AL is connected, we need to check which lord is stronger. Stronger lord will have the say on the end results. In the above given example, Venus being Lagan lord, exalted state, lesser degree and higher Shadbala will have the say for the end results.

  • They are not connected in the horoscope: – When they are not connected to each other they will harm the house which they are both mutually aspecting.
  • Only one is aspecting the other: – Planet (MD Lord or AD Lord) which is aspecting the other planet (MD Lord or AD Lord) will have the say on the end results.
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