Role of Dashamsa/D-10 Chart in finding the Profession

Dashamsa/D-10 chart is the 10th division of a horoscope. This chart highlights the 10th house of D-1. This gives clarity on the below given areas in profession:-

  • Professional achievements
  • Career options
  • Honours
  • Success
  • Promotions/Demotions
  • Stress in profession
  • Government Job
  • Political Career

One will always end up in doing the profession as per the deities/10th Lord of the Dashamsa. The Significations of each deity is as follows:-


S. No Deity Direction Ruling Planet Profession
1 Indra East Sun Government Jobs, HoD
2 Agni South East Venus Profession which needs lots of Energy and aggression
3 Yama South Mars Judges, Bureaucrats, Lawyers
4 Rakshasha South West Rahu Law Breakers, Mystery Works, Intuitive Works, Speculations
5 Varuna West Saturn Foreign Travels, Profession related to Water like Fishery, Shipping, Medicines etc
6 Vayu North West Moon Writers, Teachers, Thinkers. Profession related to wandering
7 Kubera North Mercury Profession related to Intelligence, Finances, Taxation
8 Ishana North East Jupiter Professions like Priest, Consultants, Teachers, Bankers, Astrologers etc
9 Bhramha Downward 4th House Social Community work and All other works related to Masses
10 Ananta Upward 10th House Any type of work related to 10th lord of D-10


What to check in Dashamsa/D-10 Chart? 

  • Dedication: – Placement of Lagan Lord of D-1 in D-10 Chart
  • Smoothness/Obstruction: – Placement of 10th Lord of D-1 in D10 Chart
  • Basic Nature in Profession: – Lagan of D-10 Chart
  • Career & Approach: – 10th Lord of D-10 along with Deity
  • Career & Approach: – Lagan Lord of D-10 along with Deity
  • Government Job: – Placement of Sun in D-10 Chart
  • Support from Sub-ordinates: – Placement of Saturn in D-10 Chart
  • Mental Attitude:- Placement of Moon and 10th lord from the Moon
  • Promotion: – Planets related to 10th house and 10th Lord of D-10
  • Transfers/Change/Demotion: – Dasha related to 6th house, 8th house and 12th house will give transfers or change in profession.
  • Planets in Ananta make a person famous worldwide.


Note: – All the above results are based on the strength, placement and affliction.

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